Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Environmental Policy and Environment Management

Environment Policy of Borsa Istanbul, a financial service company, is designed to contribute to protecting the environment in all business processes, in line with its sensitivity to sustainability and its holistic sustainability approach.

Environment has a very important place in the Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 6 is Clean Water, Goal 14 is Life in Water, and Goal 15 is Terrestrial Life. Environment management is handled within the scope of these purposes at Borsa Istanbul.

Issues related to the compliance of Borsa İstanbul with environmental regulations, preparation, execution, follow-up, inspection and review of the environmental policy of Borsa İstanbul, which has a campus in İstinye that hosts a large number of trees and plants of different species, are regulated by Environmental Management System Directive.

Please feel free to contact with Environment Officer for any questions, comments, suggestions or complaints you may have about Borsa İstanbul’s environmental management activities:

Ms. Sibel Kılıçsoy Öztürk

Support Services Department


T: +90 212 298 21 61