Market Maker Members

Market Maker Members
Equity Market

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Debt Securities Market

Under the “Market Making" system introduced by the Undersecretariat of Treasury, since September 2, 2002 for the purpose of enhancing effectiveness in the issue of government debt securities and secondary market transactions, market makers place purchase and sale orders that meet certain conditions with regards to quantity and spread for benchmark securities determined by the Undersecretariat of Treasury in accordance with the current rules of  Borsa İstanbul Debt Securities Market. If orders placed within the determined quantity and spread range are the best orders, they are reflected to the market screen. Additionally, market maker orders are announced with the market maker code on pages designed by data distribution firms, aside from the current broadcast pages of the market.

Market makers transmit a buy and a sell order for each benchmark security as the market maker. Market makers place orders using Borsa İstanbul Debt Securities Market trading terminals. Market maker orders as well as other orders are transmitted to the Debt Securities Market Outright Purchases and Sales Market, and are processed according to price and time priority subject to the current operating rules of that market.

Market making banks are announced to public by Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

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Derivatives Market (VIOP)

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Precious Metals and Diamond Markets
Currently, the market making system is not applied in the Precious Metals and Diamonds Market.