Real Estate Certificates

Real Estate Certificates

The real estate certificate, as drawn up by the Capital Markets Board (CMB), is a capital market instrument with equal nominal values that represent certain independent units of a real estate project or certain area units of these independent units. These certificates are issued in order to finance real estate projects that are being built or to be built.

Real estate certificates offer financing options to their issuers through the capital market. Thus, the construction of residential and commercial projects can be completed more easily and quickly. Trading of these certificates, which are an alternative product for investors who want to invest their savings in the capital market, at Borsa İstanbul provides transparency and liquidity.

In order for the real estate certificates to be issued and traded on the stock exchange, applications must be submitted to CMB and Borsa İstanbul concurrently. Real estate certificates, may be issued by public offering or selling them to qualified investors without public offering domestically or internationally.

Principles for Trading of Real Estate Certificates at Borsa Istanbul Equity Market (in Turkish)

Real Estate Certificates Brochure

Information Regarding Real Estate Certificates of The Project Park Mavera III (in Turkish)

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