Access to the Library Automation System

Borsa İstanbul Library contains hardcopy and electronic publications and information such as books, periodicals, research reports, theses, cartographic documents, articles, and CD-ROMs on subjects such as the stock exchange, capital markets, economics, finance and Turkish economy in particular as well as banking, accounting, management, law, European Union, macro economics, and econometrics etc.

Besides, annual reports and activity reports of the stock exchanges of other countries, activity reports of the companies traded on the Stock Exchange, and the recent studies on the industry which are addressed to researchers for fulfilling their sector-based information requirements, are available in a separate section.

In the industry department, apart from printed books, bulletins and research reports, electronic information is provided for assuring swift access to the most up-to-date information.

In Borsa İstanbul Library, which has adopted the policy of always maintaining an up-to-date collection, electronic publications (cd-roms, online databases, electronic periodicals, electronic books) are also available along with printed books and periodicals.


Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. Kütüphanesi

Reşitpaşa Mah. Tuncay Artun Cd. Emirgan


Fax: (212) 298 25 00

Office Hours

Our Library is open between 8:45-17:45 hrs everyday except for weekends and national holidays.

Conditions of Use

Borsa İstanbul Library is open to the personnel of the Exchange in particular, the employees of CMB, Takasbank, Exchange member intermediary institutions, and specialized institutional researchers conducting researches related to the field in which the Stock Exchange is operating, academicians, master and PhD students. The respective persons are required to show their identity cards of the institutions where they work or study.

Employees of our Stock Exchange are natural members of the Library and can borrow the Library materials. Users other than the personnel of the institutions participating in the inter-library cooperation are not allowed to borrow books. The researchers who are personnel of the Stock Exchange can use the library resources exclusively inside the library and take photocopies.

Catalogue Search

Available both on the internet and intranet platforms, the Library Automation System was designed to provide swift and easy access to bibliographic information on any publication, and publications in electronic format, available in our Library;

It is possible to access all the resources in our Library (books, periodicals, CD-ROMs, theses, research reports, electronic publications, etc.) from the Catalogue Search screen.

In addition to the bibliographic identities of all the periodicals subscribed, the Periodicals and Contents Search screen allows to access the viewing records of these publications and detailed records of the incoming volumes. Besides, “Contents” pages of the printed academic periodicals can be scanned with a scanner, making them electronically accessible.

The New Publications section allows to access those publications which have been included in the Library collection in the last one month.

The Sector Reports Search section provides access to the full texts of sector reports in electronic format.


Printed Periodicals

Aside from the company activity reports and publications of the stock exchanges of the other countries, academic and current periodicals, which are subscribed to in printed format, are found in our library.

As part of the electronic library services, contents pages of the academic periodicals, which are subscribed to in printed format, are scanned and transferred to the automation system. Therefore, the contents pages of those publications which we receive in printed format are scanned, and are available in electronic format.

Electronic Periodicals

The electronic periodicals are accessible only through the computers inside the Stock Exchange and the Library.


The present CD-ROMs are accessible through the computers in the Stock Exchange. The researches, not members of the institution, can use the CD-ROMs within the Library premises.

Electronic Databases

The users who are not members of the institution can access the databases that are made available within scope of the Electronic Library activities only through the computers in the Library.

Interlibrary Cooperation

Interlibrary cooperation activities are performed effectively in our Library. Researchers of the such institutions as CMB and Takasbank with which the Stock Exchange has direct relations are allowed to borrow 3 books for a period of 1 week using the library cards with barcodes allocated to these institutions.

In transactions performed with the other libraries, the “Interlibrary Cooperation Form” is used. With this form, the respective Library assumes liability for the borrowed periodicals.