Milestones in Borsa İstanbul History

Milestones in Borsa İstanbul History


In order to harmonize with the world stock markets and increase the interaction, the “mid-day single price” and mid-day “intermediate” sections, which are currently applied between 13:00 - 14:00, was removed from the date of 04/10/2019 . In these assets, continuous continuous transaction method applied between 10:00 and 18:00

Turkish Lira Overnight Reference Rate TLREF which is created in order to meet the need of Turkish Lira short-term reference rate that can be used as an underlying or a benchmark in financial products, debt instruments and different types of financial contracts, started to be calculated


Borsa İstanbul Swap Market was launched

Borsa İstanbul Committed Transaction Market was launched

Borsa İstanbul became the second most liquid trading platform in the world with a share turnover rate of 242% compared to the 2018 average

Within the scope of the BISTECH Techonological Transformation Program initiated in 2014, the stage of performing all end-to-end transactions of shares, futures and options, debt instruments and precious metals markets on the same platform was completed


First Integrated Annual Report of Borsa İstanbul is published

Within the scope of the second phase of the program, the Futures and Options Market started to work on the BISTECH system by making an equally successful transition on Monday, March 06, 2017. In this transition, not only the main modules such as transaction and clearing system; An end-to-end transformation was carried out, including environmental systems such as risk management, data warehouse

In accordance with the relevant decisions of the Capital Markets Board, the Volatility Based Measure System has been put into practice in order to ensure fair and honest transactions in the shares traded in our Exchange's Stock Market and to protect investors from the risks caused by excessive volatility


Borsa İstanbul İstinye Campus was occupied by coup plotters. With the contribution of the police and public, the occuption stopped

Grand Bazaar Delivery Center was launched

Borsa İstanbul Money was launched

The new buildings of Borsa İstanbul, Takas İstanbul ve Merkezi Kayıt İstanbulwas launched in Borsa İstanbul İstinye Campus


Borsa İstanbul has started to perform Equity Market Transactions on BISTECH Trading Platform

Equity Market Trading Floor, renewed with an approach emphasizing Borsa İstanbul’s technological transformation, is launched

BIST 30 Index futures and options launched on London Stock Exchange Derivatives Market

The KYD Indices, used as a benchmark for the performance of funds, start to be calculated by Borsa İstanbul under the name BIST-KYD Indices, within the framework of the agreement signed between Turkish Institutional Investment Managers’ Association (KYD) and Borsa İstanbul Borsa İstanbul signed a strategic partnership agreement with EBRD


Primary Data Center is launched

Groundbreaking ceremony for Borsa İstanbul Finance and Technology Campus, which will bring together Borsa İstanbul, Merkezi Kayıt Kuruluşu and Takasbank under the same roof as part of İstanbul International Financial Center project, is held

Precious Metals and Diamond Markets moved to Kuyumcukent


Upon the registration of the Articles of Association of Borsa İstanbul by the Trade Registry, the legal entities of İstanbul Menkul Kıymetler Borsası and

İstanbul Gold Exchange were terminated and the two institutions merged under a single roof

Borsa İstanbul became a shareholder of Montenegro Stock Exchange (MNSE) by acquiring 24.39 percent of its capital

Borsa İstanbul signed a strategic partnership agreement with NASDAQ OMX


Equity Repo Market was launched

İMKB Derivatives Market (VIOP) was launched


İMKB launched the Automatic Circuit Breaker System

Establishment of The Interbank Repo-Reverse Repo Market


The IPO was launched

The Interbank Repo-Reverse Repo Market, Repo Market for Specified Securities were established


Public Disclosure Platform launched


Opening session started in the Stock Market

International Bonds Market has started its operations within the İMKB Foreign Securities Market. In the Market, listed Turkish Sovereign Eurobonds have been traded

The trading hours was extended. New closing time was 17:00 in the Stock Market


The "ETFs Market" was established


İMKB participated in the capital of the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange by 27.4 percent upon its demutualization

İMKB participated in the capital of the Baku Stock Exchange by 5. 26 percent as the 19th shareholder


Repo and Reverse Repo Market launched on International Market


Launch of the International Bonds and Bills Market within the İMKB International Market


Regional Markets and the Wholesale Markets were composed

New Companies Market launched and Moved to the new building in Istinye

İMKB Settlement and Custody Company tansformed into the İMKB Settlement and Custody Bank (Takasbank)


Trade time increased to two days

All Stock Trading started to operate online on computer


Rights Coupon Market and New Shares Market established

Repo/Reverse Repo Market started to operation

Initiation of computerized stock trading with 50 stocks


Commencement of trading of Corporate Bonds and Revenue-sharing Certificates in the Bonds and Bills Market


Bons and Bills Market established and Outright Purchases and Sales Transactions started


Settlement and Custody Center was established

Issuance of Decree 32 which allows foreign investors to purchase and sell all types of securities in Türkiye and repatriate the proceeds


Commencement of daily calculation of İMKB Indices which had so far been calculated on a weekly basis


İstanbul Stock Exchange (İMKB) was established


Dersaadet Securities Exchange was established