Test Environments

Test Environments

All market participants can connect to Borsa İstanbul’s test environment via colocation*, wide area network,public internet and test their systems by using the order transmission and market data users provided for the test environment.

Pre-Prod Test Environment: It involves application and configuration changes that will take place in production environment.

Prod-Like Test Environment: Generally version of the test system is same as production system. However, new software changes and bug fixes (for production) will be uploaded to this test environment for a certain period of time before production release.

Bistech 3.0 Test Environment: It is a member test environment named BISTECH 3.0 and basically includes architectural changes in which the number of partitions in the system is increased.

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Please contact BISTECH Support for connecting test enviroments: bistechsupport_autoticket@borsaistanbul.com