Public Disclosure Platform

Public Disclosure Platform

Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), an electronic system on which the notifications required to be disclosed to the public are conveyed with an electronic signature and announced to the public in accordance with the capital market and exchange legislations, have been implemented jointly by the Capital Markets Board (CMB) and Borsa İstanbul and the platform is now being operated by Central Securities Depository (MKK).

Companies whose capital market instruments are traded at Borsa Istanbul, exchange traded funds, members of Borsa İstanbul and mutual funds meet their public disclosure obligations via KAP. Announcements of regulatory bodies such as Borsa İstanbul, CMB, Takasbank and MKK to inform investors are also made through KAP. Additionally, independent auditing firms are also included within the scope of the KAP limited to signing the related financial statements.

By the agency of KAP:

1. Reliability: The reliability of the data is ensured by sending the information with an electronic signature.

2. Accessing the Information: Due to the notifications of the disclosures are made available to the public as soon as they are sent to the system, the users can access the information simultaneously, safely and quickly.

3. Effective Use of Information: In addition to accessing the information more quickly, users have the opportunity to compare financial table items. Necessary infrastructure for queries and financial analysis is also set up.

4. Up to date Information: Users can access up-to-date information for each company with the “Company General Information Form” which contains general information about the company important for investors.

5. Decrease in Costs: Because of sending notifications to the system electronically; saving on time, paper and labor are made.

KAP is Türkiye's first official electronic signature project. Including all companies traded on the Borsa İstanbul, ETFs, mutual funds, all members (brokerage houses) and all independent audit firms registered with the CMB, the platform covers more than 600 companies, more than 480 mutual funds and more than 2500 users, spread all over Türkiye geographically.

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