Representation of Members

Representation of Members

Transactions in one or more of the markets, sub-markets, platforms and systems of our Exchange are carried out through representatives who are authorized by those who are authorized to trade in the Exchange and have the qualifications specified in the legislation and approved by the General Directorate of the Exchange.

The Exchange organizes training programs according to the markets (excluding the Diamond and Precious Stone Market) for representatives of those authorized to trade in the Exchange markets. Person who successfully complete their training programs and meet the conditions in the relevant legislation can trade on the Borsa Istanbul markets as representative of those authorized to trade.

Representative candidates who fulfill the conditions in the relevant legislation must fill in the application form and apply to Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. by completing the documents specified in the form.

In the Precious Metals Market, member representatives may be authorized for trading and/or settlement, provided that they meet the necessary conditions.

Please click for the training programs for representatives.