Trading Hours

Trading Hours


ETFs                : Exchange Traded Funds.

SPFM              : Structured Products and Funds Market

EMQI               : Equity Market for Qualified Investors

PMTP               : Pre-Market Trading Platform

WL                  : Watchlist



ü  ---                :  Indicates that relevant market/instrument is included in related part of session.

---                     :  Indicates that the related part of session is not applied to the relevant market/instrument.

*                      :  Order collection ends within 30 seconds randomly after the relevant hours shown above.

**                    :  Indicates a time that may differ according to the completion of transactions.

***                  :  Indicates the hours for official auction transaction for instruments with codes ending with ME, MR, MF, MV, MF1, MF2, MG, MC, MS, MS1.

****                :  Primary Market transactions take place within 10:30-13:00.