Settlement Method

The settlement method for single stock futures, single stock options and government bond futures contracts are physical delivery. In this method for single stock futures and single stock options,  dematerialized equities are exchanged at the expiry date. For government bond futures, physical delivery is realized by exchange of dematerialized government bonds.

The settlement methods for USD/TRY futures and USD/TRY option contracts are cash settlement and physical delivery. For USD/TRY futures and options, phsysical delivery is realized by exchange of  money (USD) at the expiry date.

The settlement method for index options and futures, currency options and futures (except physically delivered USD/TRY contracts), precious metal (gold, silver, palladium, platinum) futures, energy futures and TLREF futures are cash settlement. In this method, the profit/loss amount is exchanged at the expiry date. For options which are exercised, profit/loss at the expiry date is determined by the difference between strike price and settlement price at the expiry date.