Index Methodologies and Changes

Index Methodologies and Changes

Current Methodologies and Methodology changes of the Indices, administrated by Borsa Istanbul, can be followed on this page.

Methodology changes can be classified as “Material”, “Non-Material” or “Urgent Material”.

Methodology changes, defined as “Material” by Borsa Istanbul, are open to consultation of stakeholders on this page, and comments can be submitted until the “Deadline for Consultation”. A summary of the submitted comments (only those that are permitted by the commenter) and Borsa Istanbul's evaluations regarding those comments are published on this page after the relevant changes put into effect.

“Non-Material” and “Urgent Material” changes can be put into effect without consultation.

Methodology Changes in Consultation Process

There is no methodology change in consultation process.

Methodology Changes in Effect

BIST Stock Indices

Effective Date Type of Change Methodology Updated Methodology More Detail
10.11.2022 Urgent Material Change BIST Market Cap Weighted Stock Indices Click Click
10.11.2022 Urgent Material Change BIST Non-Market Cap Weighted Stock Indices Click Click