BISTECH Technology

BISTECH Technology

Borsa Istanbul invests in technology and enhances system infrastructure on an ongoing basis to deliver the highest global standards. As a result of the strategic cooperation with NASDAQ, all Borsa Istanbul markets migrated to BISTECH (based on GeniumINET) to serve on a common trading platform and execute trade and post-trade operations single handedly.

With the launch of BISTECH System since 2015, maximum process capacity reached 100.000 orders per second and the round-trip latency decreased to microseconds. Thanks to internationally known order entry and data dissemination protocols of BISTECH, local and international investors can access Borsa Istanbul markets much more easily without incurring additional development costs.

BISTECH Features:

  • Low Latency (Under normal conditions <100 microsecond)
  • Uptime (Continuous trading with system, equipment and location redundancy)
  • Multi-asset (Equities, derivatives, debt securities and precious metals products are in the same platform)
  • Multi-platform (integrated trade, post-trade, risk management, market data, index calculation, surveillance systems)
  •       Standard Protocols (FIX and OUCH for order entry; ITCH and TIP for market data)

Co-location Service:

Borsa Istanbul Co-location service enables stakeholders to place their equipment at Borsa Istanbul Data Center where the market systems of Borsa Istanbul are also located. Thereby market participants have the opportunity to access the system in a faster and more reliable manner.

With its Co-location service Borsa Istanbul aims to reach variety of market participants including Members,

HFT/Algo firms, Service providers that are seeking the highest possible access speed.

For further information about co-location services, business partners, and technical resources please click here.