First Time Investors

First Time Investors

There are no restrictions on foreign portfolio investors trading in the Turkish capital markets. Real persons and legal entities residing abroad (including investment trusts and investment funds abroad) can freely purchase and sell all sorts of securities and other capital market instruments.

A foreign institutional or retail investor should use an investment firm authorized by the Capital Markets Board of Türkiye. 

Additionally, foreign investors may also invest through their local investment banks or intermediary institutions that have access to Borsa Istanbul Markets via opening beneficial owner based accounts.

For Turkish government debt securities issued by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, foreign institutional investors and foreign funds may use omnibus accounts that can be opened at local custodian institutions (that hold general custody license).

Contact information of investment firms (intermediary institutions + banks + other firms providing investment services and activities) are available at Borsa Istanbul website. Click for details.

Funds overseen by professional portfolio managers could be utilized to diversify investment portfolios. Detailed information on the historical performance of all available funds are available at Türkiye Electronic Fund Trading Platform (TEFAS) website. Click for details.