Investor Services

Investor Services

Remote Participation in General Meetings (e-GEM):

Electronic General Meeting System (e-GEM) developed by MKK, enables shareholders to attend, assign proxy and exercise their rights in General Assembly (GA) meetings and allows issuers tow handle the GA process from A to Z. It is legally mandatory for companies listed at Borsa Istanbul to organize both physical and electronic meetings and provide their shareholders electronic means to enable electronic attendance to meetings via MKK's e-GEM system. International investors may attend general meetings of any listed company, watch the meeting live, express their opinions and exercise their voting rights electronically through the e-GEM system safely in line with related international regulations.

For further information please visit MKK website.

Data Dissemination:

Borsa Istanbul market data are disseminated in real time, delayed and end of day basis through Borsa Istanbul's licensed data vendors. In line with market needs, high quality data products have been created and made available for the use of investors. In addition to the data related to Borsa Istanbul markets, the data of some local institutions and non-local stock exchanges are also distributed by Borsa Istanbul.

Borsa Istanbul provides vendors with direct access to data center via BISTECH system, which is a high quality technological infrastructure. Additionally, Borsa Istanbul data is available from the access point (PoP) of Borsa Istanbul in London Equinix LD5 Data Center and on networks of the authorized infrastructure providers.

For further details please visit Borsa İstanbul website.